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Introduction ☆BMG CLAN☆

☆BMG☆is a abbreviation from "Be a Music Generation" , we use that name because in  ☆BMG CLAN☆ has many of good music listener , from the fan of Black Metal ( whooo ~ Creepy xD ), Progressive,Deathcore,Hardcore,Experimental,Rock,Jazz,Funky,Pop,Ballad,Melayu & dangdut* LOL xD xD xD

No Music No Life ♪

☆BMG CLAN☆ is a Clan which have a good solidarity & Friendship . every single person in 
☆BMG CLAN☆ are family ., not exception . our Goal is to find friend as many as we can no matter who that is , where it live . & for share information or to be a media for express your creativity . whatever , This Group is Create for a positive matter , & make pico world more isteresting ^ ^

Together we will never surrender  *
We are fammily T'ill the End
☆BMG CLAN☆ is pass through  a lot of obstacle to be a Strong Clan that hard to separated .
we mocked, we have been underestimated , we have attacked from another clan . But Thats before our member is below 30 , now our member is above 100 that exist in scope of international . 

nothing shall be fear ~

Our majority member are in indonenesian . We "HATE" war & don't want involved with it , it's not because we are Coward , But it just waste our precious time ~_~ , if  someone or a gank is mocking you because you are a member of ☆BMG CLAN☆,Congratulation   They're envy with U  x3 x3 x3

This is the example of war in Pico

Mocking each other , that's just waste your precious time isn't it ?

Slander is a breakfast for us , so if you look somebody talk☆BMG CLAN☆ is Bad.,, 
just ignore it , they just lack of creativity that can't exist in Pico >3<
This is the perfect example for one of that .,,

He is the most Enviest Person Who Hate☆BMG CLAN☆ in Ameba Pico
Don't get involved with anybody that similiar with him >3<

♥ Is our Power
We Held an Event every month for member of ☆BMG CLAN☆. The reward is legal 500 - 1000 AG from pay pal , if you live in indonesia & you are the winner we will give the reward AG via-cellphone its still legal :)


The rules in ☆BMG CLAN☆ :

☆ Compactness , Togetherness , & Solidarity is a Death Price for us !!!
☆Do not disturb another clan or anybody in Pico world
☆ You like Hard Music ~ \m/ !!!
☆ Just play joke & laugh with pico arround you ^ ^
☆Active in discution Forum & absent in wall group once a day
☆ 17 Tahun + (not necessary xD)

 ☆ discipline & focus if we had an event or gathering .
☆ Wear ☆BMG CLAN☆ Uniform in sunday

if you want to be part of  "BE a MUSIC GENERATION" you must understand what lies above : )

-Marine border design /Blue-white ( All park  )
-Old fashion denim ( Shibuya )
-Denim newsboy Hat ( Shibuya )

  Total  Price about 2500 Gummies

This the example
- Noble french long coat / Black-orange  ( France - Champs elysess)

- High class french Hat / Black-orange ( France - Champs elysess)

Total Price is about 3500 Gummies

How to be a member of ☆BMG CLAN☆  :

- Report to ke BMG CLAN☆ ADMIN  for interview  .
- If done & you accepted  ,  Join The Main Grup of  ☆BMG CLAN☆
- Introduce your pico in the wall group   "Example : " Hi , i am new member here , my name is Udin"
- if done , next step go to the discution forum & search for "BMG MEMBER LIST"  & enter your pico name there for the data of each member     "Example :☆BMG☆Udin
- & wait for the invite to ☆BMG CLAN☆ Closed group

*If you done all of the step above Congratulation !!!
now you are a member of ☆BMG CLAN☆

Welcome >3<b

an unforgetable momment with ☆BMG CLAN☆


Keep Your music ♪
Keep your style ♪
Keep our friendship ♪


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  1. hy aku mau masuk donk ke clan BMG, please yh????
    nama nickku "MIAmooie" tolong yh please umur ku 19 th. 22 maret nanti...diterima yh, n accept buddies aku...

  2. Yang mau masuk tinggal bilang ma ADMIN BMG aja ^ ^
    Trus tulis nick pico nya .,,

  3. Eh Masa Aku Gak Ada Di Daftar BMG sich :(

  4. cara mau lihat anggota BMG CLAN gimana sih!!
    oh iya aku kan tidak ada couple?
    ada yang lajang tidak di BMG CLAN?
    tapi harus cowo?
    tolong tulis nama PICONYA YA???
    nama PICO ku ☆BMG☆Chasie☆
    PLIS YA harap membantu!!

  5. nama ketua clan aslinya siapa sih? aku mau daftar nih, apapun persyaratannya insyaallah aku penuhi
    nick ku di pico namanya "MIAmooie",
    please tolong di jawab yh...
    /thumb bwt kalian kalian smua

  6. /thumb buat ☆BMG CLAN☆

  7. oh iyaaa biasanya ☆BMG CLAN☆ ngumpulnya dimana siiih ???

  8. Biasanya ☆BMG CLAN☆ pake seragamnya yg mana siih

  9. hmm..
    ngumpul biasanya di BP 1..
    klo seragam ya biasa pake yg hitam orange, biasa yg biru muda.. :)

  10. MUantaaaaAAAbbbbbBBBBB

  11. Makasiihh yaa all supporter BMG clan :) :)
    /thumb up!!

    klo tmn2 BMG yg need couple blg jaa :)
    coz bnyak yg single..
    ajajajja :D
    yg pnting manis2 jaa sifatnya :)

  12. lucu , lucu ,lucu ,lucu , lucu
    /thumb ....
    aku gak hafal semua nama BMG
    bisa kasih tau aku gak tolong please ? :D

  13. mengatakan....
    kok w gk ada sih............................

  14. Panjang Amat ......
    Kapan Ngumpul Ngumpul lagi ???

  15. seems like this blog changed 180 degrees by flipping the main idea of the clan.. xD
    when my first time coming here, all brutal pictures and words were served at the first page but now??? LMAO
    this is the community of hypocrites.. xD

  16. semoga BMg kelak menjadi clan pico yg populer...


  17. Aku boleh gabung gk jadi anggota BMG?

  18. yup.. semoga BMg bisa selalu jaya....
    jangan lupa

    Keep Your music ♪
    Keep your style ♪
    Keep our friendship ♪


  19. blogger nya bagus blog orang laen pada jelek blogger clan BMG bagus bagus

  20. semoga BMG maju terus .. Chayo BMG
    Keep Your music ♪
    Keep your style ♪
    Keep our friendship ♪

  21. wow,aq boleh gak,gabung nie clan?pliss

  22. Staff BMG aku mw masuk Clan BMG donk ....
    NicName ku ™☆ßдήG_PaNjµL™ ....

    Tolong Add Buddies aku ya....

    Semoga BMG MAJU TERUS.....

  23. Staff BMG aku mw masuk Clan BMG donk ....
    NicName ku ™☆ßдήG_PaNjµL™ ....

    Tolong Add Buddies aku ya....

    Semoga BMG MAJU TERUS.....

  24. Hy,aku mau masuk BMG clan boleh gk? nama pico aku ▀۞╚╔LadieS▀۞╚╔ , buddies aku y...

  25. gmn cara follow na nie kk .,.,
    boleh ikut gabung gag ..,,

  26. AKU mau GABUNG BMG dunk!
    Userku *_-FaiSa-_*

  27. keren wae
    kalian kompak

  28. ane mau masuk boleh gak...
    user ku:: %XŚtar☠BillY☠