Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

☆BMG CLAN☆ Fun Time ~♥ #1

Hengkol & Pine

Juned & ichal baku sayang

Aw aw aw ~

Nie hati2 jatuh >,<

Inuyasha & kagome tersesat di pico

Jahhh 2 pelaut lagi nyari ikan ~_~


Hati-hati dengan dia xD

Pico Asem , makin pelit aja

wewww @.@

Pico nya mati

anyut terbawa tsunami
wakakaa  Gaya banget >,<
Kejam nya ==" , mending tendang yang di belakang
anjing yang di belakang lagi sujud
Ulah nagi x__x
Pengen ya ???

Smile :)  * meooong ~

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011


Ahahaha ., Melenceng dari rencana awal yang semula Yukio mau kawin di Park pond trus jadi kawin masal ~_~ .
Tapi pada akhirnya gak ada juga yang kawin *wakakakakak

Hmmmm , Banyak juga yang ambil kesempatan dalam kesempitan kayak ini nih .

Wedew si base colek2 ajee

Aw aw aw~ Nagi digodain
Hwakakak Nubi lagi pacaran , kucing Yukio Ume jadi obat nyamuk

Yang mengumbar kemesraan juga ada *wekekkekekeke

Wedew ~♥
Ahahaha lagi ngomong apa sih ?? ^ ^
Di sisi lain ☆BMG CLAN☆ Tetap terlihat seperti biasa ^ ^  .,, Kompak & tak tergoyahkan

Hompimpa dulu , siapa yang kawin duluan xD

Di samping Tawa dan canda riang .,,  Marah , tangisan & kesendirian pun gak mau ketinggalan meramaikan acara dadakanya ☆BMG CLAN☆
^ Bumblebee^ Tahu fandy ternyata dah ada yang punya membuat dia marah & kecewa
Yukio yang ditinggal Couple na
Nagi yang cemburu karna Miki cipok cwe lain
Ketahuan Selingkuh oleh Yoora , membuat fandy Stress & hampir bunuh diri
hmmmm pas lagi asik-asikan ehh gak tahuna 1-1 dah pada ilang ==" ,,
jadi langsung bubar deh acarana tanpa ada 1 pun yang kawin wakakakaka*

OK. whatever ~,~
apapun yang terjadi  ☆BMG CLAN☆ will always like This ^ ^
Friend & family ^ ^

 Keep Your music ♪
Keep your style ♪
Keep our friendship ♪


Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

Introduction ☆BMG CLAN☆

☆BMG☆is a abbreviation from "Be a Music Generation" , we use that name because in  ☆BMG CLAN☆ has many of good music listener , from the fan of Black Metal ( whooo ~ Creepy xD ), Progressive,Deathcore,Hardcore,Experimental,Rock,Jazz,Funky,Pop,Ballad,Melayu & dangdut* LOL xD xD xD

No Music No Life ♪

☆BMG CLAN☆ is a Clan which have a good solidarity & Friendship . every single person in 
☆BMG CLAN☆ are family ., not exception . our Goal is to find friend as many as we can no matter who that is , where it live . & for share information or to be a media for express your creativity . whatever , This Group is Create for a positive matter , & make pico world more isteresting ^ ^

Together we will never surrender  *
We are fammily T'ill the End
☆BMG CLAN☆ is pass through  a lot of obstacle to be a Strong Clan that hard to separated .
we mocked, we have been underestimated , we have attacked from another clan . But Thats before our member is below 30 , now our member is above 100 that exist in scope of international . 

nothing shall be fear ~

Our majority member are in indonenesian . We "HATE" war & don't want involved with it , it's not because we are Coward , But it just waste our precious time ~_~ , if  someone or a gank is mocking you because you are a member of ☆BMG CLAN☆,Congratulation   They're envy with U  x3 x3 x3

This is the example of war in Pico

Mocking each other , that's just waste your precious time isn't it ?

Slander is a breakfast for us , so if you look somebody talk☆BMG CLAN☆ is Bad.,, 
just ignore it , they just lack of creativity that can't exist in Pico >3<
This is the perfect example for one of that .,,

He is the most Enviest Person Who Hate☆BMG CLAN☆ in Ameba Pico
Don't get involved with anybody that similiar with him >3<

♥ Is our Power
We Held an Event every month for member of ☆BMG CLAN☆. The reward is legal 500 - 1000 AG from pay pal , if you live in indonesia & you are the winner we will give the reward AG via-cellphone its still legal :)


The rules in ☆BMG CLAN☆ :

☆ Compactness , Togetherness , & Solidarity is a Death Price for us !!!
☆Do not disturb another clan or anybody in Pico world
☆ You like Hard Music ~ \m/ !!!
☆ Just play joke & laugh with pico arround you ^ ^
☆Active in discution Forum & absent in wall group once a day
☆ 17 Tahun + (not necessary xD)

 ☆ discipline & focus if we had an event or gathering .
☆ Wear ☆BMG CLAN☆ Uniform in sunday

if you want to be part of  "BE a MUSIC GENERATION" you must understand what lies above : )

-Marine border design /Blue-white ( All park  )
-Old fashion denim ( Shibuya )
-Denim newsboy Hat ( Shibuya )

  Total  Price about 2500 Gummies

This the example
- Noble french long coat / Black-orange  ( France - Champs elysess)

- High class french Hat / Black-orange ( France - Champs elysess)

Total Price is about 3500 Gummies

How to be a member of ☆BMG CLAN☆  :

- Report to ke BMG CLAN☆ ADMIN  for interview  .
- If done & you accepted  ,  Join The Main Grup of  ☆BMG CLAN☆
- Introduce your pico in the wall group   "Example : " Hi , i am new member here , my name is Udin"
- if done , next step go to the discution forum & search for "BMG MEMBER LIST"  & enter your pico name there for the data of each member     "Example :☆BMG☆Udin
- & wait for the invite to ☆BMG CLAN☆ Closed group

*If you done all of the step above Congratulation !!!
now you are a member of ☆BMG CLAN☆

Welcome >3<b

an unforgetable momment with ☆BMG CLAN☆


Keep Your music ♪
Keep your style ♪
Keep our friendship ♪